Virtue Inspect packages and pricing

At Virtue Business Applications we ensure the business software solution we produce is tailored to your organisation, your industry and your requirements.

And our prices are just as tailored to your needs as our solutions.

You can choose whether to pay the total in a lump sum as a capital purchase, or to split the cost via a monthly subscription. Both options are available as an on premises or cloud-based solution.

The pricing model for our custom software is based on the number of inspectors who’ll be using the system, the number of modules used, and the amount of tailoring required.


Monthly subscription: Based on a 36-month contract. Other terms are available by arrangement. Includes our service contract which covers support, training and minor customisation. Additional tailoring and maintenance fees may apply.

Capital purchase

Capital purchase: A service contract is available as an optional extra for those who choose our capital purchase option. This covers support, training and minor customisation. Additional tailoring and maintenance fees may apply.
If you require Virtue Inspect for more than 49 or more inspectors, please contact us for pricing.
Example pricing based on standard set-up without tailoring.

Virtue Inspect: software that’s tailored to your needs
Virtue Inspect, our highly-regarded inspection and service engineering software, is suitable for large and small organisations, whether you have a few inspectors or a larger team. We work with customers of various sizes across sectors from civil engineering to facilities management and in specialist areas such as railways and hazardous waste.

You can opt for just those Virtue Inspect modules  which best suit your circumstances, or take all seven:
1. Conduct inspection – designed the way you need it
2. Record findings – designed the way you need it
3. Synchronise to server
4. Store in cloud or on premises
5. Report – in a range of format choices. Can include integration with third-party software
6. Manage remedial work – track job completion and costs
7. Repeat inspection – close findings, schedule next inspection

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