Virtue Inspect case studies

Virtue Inspect: tailored to you

We can tailor Virtue Inspect, our mobile business systems inspection software, to your organisation, processes and inspection requirements, to ensure a perfect fit.

Take a look at the examples below, then contact us to book your demo and find out more.

Railway vehicle inspection app

Virtue Plugin Diagram Railway 400
  • Includes technical vehicle drawings
  • Set up for complex defect classification
  • Allows you to close defects with repeat inspection
  • Allows multiple inspectors to inspect same vehicle

Playground safety inspection app

Virtue Plugin Diagram Playground 400
  • You can inspect a known list of assets, or create new ones on the fly
  • Shows product recall notice if you inspect an item with a known defect
  • Set up for inspection against defined BSEN standards
  • Manages inspectors’ expenses

Roadworks site safety audit app

Virtue Plugin Diagram Roadworks 400
  • Checklist-style safety site survey
  • Inspections before, during and on completion of works
  • Requires signature of site manager and client
  • Reports retained and archived for audit in desktop application

Fire safety inspection app

Virtue Plugin Diagram Fire 400
  • Facilitates inspection of large buildings/sites over several days
  • Includes a bespoke risk scoring system
  • Report compiled with standard guidance text to end user, with minimal effort from inspector
  • Produces highly customised PDF report